Bikalot and the Spekboom Challenge

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Bikalot and the Spekboom Challenge


Global warming is a reality that will affect us all; we need to do something about it and take action. Having recently found the Spekboom tree and understanding its benefits, we realized that this indigenous wonder plant could play a crucial role in reducing the effect of global warming.

As South Africans, our average carbon emission per person is over 9 tonnes per year, this is more than double the global average. With most of our energy being derived from coal powered stations, this certainly doesn’t help. A hectar of Spekboom trees can remove up to 4 tonnes of carbon per year.

After some further research, we came across the Wonderplant Nursery. Set-up just outside Stellenbosch on the Delvera Farm, right next door to the awesome trails at Dirtopia, Wonderplant are supplying Spekboom spears and trees across the country. They are the drivers behind the Spekboom Labyrinth.


How have Bikalot become involved?

We have sourced a couple of hundred Spekboom Spears from Wonderplant. At the upcoming Cape Town Cycle Tour expo, we will be giving away a Spekboom Spear to any of our clients who spend over R200 with us at the expo at either stand 233 or 238. We will have a full range of products from Cadence Nutrition, ASS MAGIC, Imbi Bike Savers, SP Connect Phone Mounts, pOcpac and Rapstrapz available.

We encourage you to plant spears at home and start your own Spekboom garden; helping to play a role in reducing our carbon footprint.

You can also get involved on social media using the tag #spekboomchallenge


The Spekboom Labyrinth

Wonderplant have also become involved in a project to build the biggest labyrinth in Africa. The labyrinth will be made from, you guessed it, Spekboom trees and will be the same size as the great pyramid of Giza. With a diameter of 230m, at this size, you would even be able to spot the labyrinth from Space. The labyrinth will feature a 5m wide lane leading to it’s centre which will be split in half to accommodate a walking and cycling . To get from the outside of the labyrinth to the centre will be 5km walk/ride in and another 5km out. There will also be a pump track built just outside the labyrinth.

You can find out more about the labyrinth here:


Spekboom Fact File:

• Spekboom is also edible and can be used in salads. It has a slightly lemony taste and is also high in Vitamin C.

· The plant can grow to between 2 and 5m tall.

· Spekboom is a very hardy plant that can surive drought and frost.

· Traditionally the Spekboom is found in the Eastern Cape in semi arid karoo conditions. It does prefer north facing slopes.

· A Spekboom tree can live for up to 200 years!


Image: Facebook group

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