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Why? Global warming is a reality that will affect us all; we need to do something about it and take action. Having recently found the Spekboom tree and understanding its benefits, we realized that this indigenous wonder plant could play a crucial role in reducing the effect of global warming. As South Africans, our average carbon emission per person is over 9 tonnes per year, this is more than double the global average. With most of our energy being derived from coal powered stations, this certainly doesn’t help. A hectar of Spekboom trees can remove up to 4 tonnes of...

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By Chris Wolhuter   The fascination, followed by the twisted face, of a newbie cyclist when hearing about chamois cream for the first time is an image hard to put in to words. Let’s wind back the clock a few years. Back in the day, the padding in cycling shorts was actually made from a leather chamois. After a few washes, this chamois would become dry and hard – think of the chamois you use to clean your car with. Chamois cream was developed to be smeared onto the chamois to keep it soft and malleable. In recent years, cycling...

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