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Your sweat rate is the amount of fluids that you lose per hour through sweating during exercise. Sweating is the body's thermoregulatory defence mechanism to ensure that we don’t overheat and expose our bodies to the risks associated with excessively high core temperatures. As we are all different, we sweat at different rates and your sweat rate can give an indication of how much fluid our body has lost through sweat and give us an indication of how much fluid we need to drink to replace this.Proper hydration is important in order to prevent dehydration as dehydration decreases your exercise performance.It must be noted though, that weight loss...

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  With cycling events on hold for the foreseeable future, we were inspired by the global trend of DIY gravel cycling rides, which have taken place over the past few weeks. So, Cadence Nutrition and East City Cycles have partnered to create our own event right here in Cape Town. You’re intrigued I can tell.   What is it? We love riding bikes as much as you do and partaking in events is an integral part of that. We have created a self-navigated, gravel bike ride in and around Cape Town, while taking into consideration necessary social distancing and safety...

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Why? Global warming is a reality that will affect us all; we need to do something about it and take action. Having recently found the Spekboom tree and understanding its benefits, we realized that this indigenous wonder plant could play a crucial role in reducing the effect of global warming. As South Africans, our average carbon emission per person is over 9 tonnes per year, this is more than double the global average. With most of our energy being derived from coal powered stations, this certainly doesn’t help. A hectar of Spekboom trees can remove up to 4 tonnes of...

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