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SP Connect Phone Model Chart Use this chart to determine which SP Connect phone cases are available in South Africa and where a case will work for more than one model of phone. You are also able to see if the particular model is available in a Bike or Moto bundle and if a Weather Cover is available separately.   Brand Phone Model Phone Case Bike Bundle Moto Bundle Weather Cover iPhone 11 Pro / XS / X Yes Yes Yes Yes iPhone 11 Pro Max / XS Max Yes Yes Yes Yes iPhone 11 / XR Yes Yes Yes...

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Why? Global warming is a reality that will affect us all; we need to do something about it and take action. Having recently found the Spekboom tree and understanding its benefits, we realized that this indigenous wonder plant could play a crucial role in reducing the effect of global warming. As South Africans, our average carbon emission per person is over 9 tonnes per year, this is more than double the global average. With most of our energy being derived from coal powered stations, this certainly doesn’t help. A hectar of Spekboom trees can remove up to 4 tonnes of...

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