Cadence Nutrition Duragen

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Cadence Nutrition Duragen combines the effects of Beta-alanine, phosphates, leucine and magnesium. Duragen significantly enhances performance after prolonged supplementation. Duragen’s proprietary blend may increase oxygen delivery, improve metabolism and enhance myocardial function.

Serving size: 120 capsules per container

Benefits and Usages

Beta-alanine supplementation increases muscle carnosine concentrations and buffers against protons produced during high intensity exercise.

Beta-alanine supplementation can significantly enhance sprint performance at the end of an exhaustive endurance exercise bout.

Beta-alanine supplementation enhances response to high intensity interval training, improving endurance performance and lean body mass.

Phosphate supplementation and loading enhance myocardial function, improve exercise performance and increase exercise oxidative capacity. Phosphates are necessary for optimal functioning of several B Vitamins.

Phosphate supplementation increases 2.3 DPG which increases oxygen delivery to working muscle, increasing performance.

Magnesium is an essential element in energy metabolism and cell function. Dietary intake of magnesium is often insufficient in athletic populations. Physical exercise may deplete magnesium, which, together with a marginal dietary magnesium intake, may impair energy metabolism efficiency.

Leucine - The key branched chain amino acid, leucine, acts as a nutrient signal to stimulate muscle protein anabolism. Chronic supplementation improves endurance performance.