Pepper Spray

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60ml Pepper Spray(CS Gas) cartridges


How to use your Pepper Spray:


It is important that you practice a few times.  You should practice outside of the house in an open area without any people.   Caution:  before you do any practicing, be certain that the wind is not blowing back at you.  The wind must be at your back.  Once you determine the direction of the wind and are sure that you are ready to practice, simply hold your Pepper Spray out in front of you, aim and push down on the lever.  By practicing you will discover the average distance that your pepper spray will travel. 
If you ever need to use your Pepper Spray, it is best to aim the canister at the eyes and face of attacker and give a 2 to 3 second blast while moving backwards away from the threat.  Do not hold the canister out in front of you too far because that the attacker may be able to get the canister away from you.


Warning: Contents under pressure. Avoid accidental contact with eyes, skin or mucous membranes. If contacted, flush thoroughly with water. Do not rub, symptoms will disappear within 2 hours. Don’t puncture, expose direct to heat, or store above 45C.