pOcpac Mobi 4X

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The Mobi 4X  is the perfect storage pouch for your smartphone and valubles when outdoors in the sun, rain or snow.

This water resistant, weather proof smart phone pouch, also has an separate inner sleeve to store your bank card, money and drivers licence.

The pouch is touch screen enabled, enabling most smart phones to still be used for texting, navigating, taking calls or photos without having to take your phone out of the pouch. The front panel is lightly tinted which makes it easier to see your screen whilst outdoors.



  • New rugged zipper system
  • New construction technique ensuring better durability
  • Redesigned to accommodate most smart phones whilst still in their cases
  • New materials which are stronger and more adaptive to extreme temperature changes.
  • Size: 101mm x 182mm
  • Weight: 15g